Our history

A family with a passion

In the late sixties, Marc Farrar often took his family camping at the forks of the St-Maurice and Flamand rivers, a place he called his little natural paradise. While the site was still unknown at the time, it was ideally suited to hunting and fishing, their favourite sports. What made the trip all the more exciting what that the area was only accessible by train!

The father's great attachment to the spot led him to acquire two cottages when he took it in mind to share this beautiful part of the country with fellow nature lovers.

In 1974, at a time when the terms "outfitters" and "outfitting camp" did not yet exist, the Farrar undertaking started up modestly, but with a passion. Unfortunately, Marc Farrar passed away in 1976. Guided by the same passion, the family decided to carry on the Farrar outfitting business. Over the years, several cottages and a magnificent inn were commissioned.

In 1987, a logging road (25 West) opened up about 30 kilometres south of Lake Flamand. The family bought the small Lake Oscar outfitting camp, still only accessible by seaplane, and expanded it... a major investment that included the construction of 15 white pine cottages and a check-in station.

After more than 40 years in business, we still love what we do and we continue to have ambitious plans!